The Goal is the Triple Crown

I think every horse owner has the secret urge to climb on the back of their horse and just have it run a top speed. I get to do this everyday, because my horse is a racehorse. My horse has been conditioned for racing with the help of skilled racehorse trainers who have been working for years. When they first started working with me and my horse, we were only novices, and the horse barely listened to me. The horse and I have bonded since then, and when we ride together, it’s like we become one being speeding down the track.

When training with a racehorse, it is important to realize that you have to do just as much work as the horse. The horse can only run if the trainer is willing to put in the work to help it run. The trainer helps the horse get stronger with special diets and exercise. The horse learns how to jump higher and ride with a passenger on board. At the same time, the trainer has to make sure that the horse stays healthy and they as trainers are in good physical condition. The trainer must be able to withstand the speed and movements of the horse while it races.

I’ve won countless times on the local circuit, but I think it’s time for my horse and I to think about going to the big leagues. There are 3 major horse races that happen each year, and each time the jockeys try to win all three of them. Many have tried to win all three races, only to come up short by one. Last year one lucky horse and jockey finally won all three races after many years of it never happening. When I saw the winning jockey and horse take the trophy, I couldn’t help but think that it should have been me.

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