Racing Has Grown on Me

There will be a big race with all of the local racehorse trainers this weekend. I’ve been preparing for this race a long time, and it is actually my first real race against other trainers. I’ve been having smaller races around the track for practice, but this one will really put me and my horse to the test. This is the moment where I see how much my hard worked has paid off. The horse and I have gone through a lot of hours to get on a level that was good enough to compete with other people.

Training to be a racer is something that I didn’t always want to do. I wasn’t interested in horses at all until one day, a girl in school that I liked told me that she liked horses. I wanted to impress her by racing horses. It was a pretty silly thing to do, especially considering that horse racing is no easy task. I worked at it, and I’ve become pretty good at racing. Sadly the girl won’t be there, because she moved to another country. I still talk to her occasionally on the Internet, but she hasn’t seen me do any riding.

I’ve been practicing riding for so long, that I actually came to like it, even without the girl being here. Even if I never talk to that girl again, I’d still do racing because its something that feels good to me. It’s like I’ve discovered a hidden talent of mine. Of course, I don’t know for certain how well my hidden talent will be in comparison to all of the other people who weren’t initially motivated to ride because of a girl. Their motivations might have been a little stronger than mine, but I’m going to give it my all, and so will the horse.

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