Our Daughter is Allergic to Dogs

My daughter is allergic to dogs. It was a hard pill for all of us to swallow because my husband and I have both always had dogs. Even though she is allergic to them, she has always wanted one too. Unfortunately, we could only get her stuffed animals, but that was enough to make her smile. When we had to move suddenly last year, we found our dream house. The only problem was the previous owners had three dogs. I knew that we would need to hire a company that does carpet cleaning in Birmingham before our daughter could even step foot in the house. So we googled and found https://www.thecarpetcleanerbirmingham.co.uk/.

I know from experience that having dogs means that their dander and hair get into the carpet. No matter how many times it is swept, there is always going to be some left behind. The only way to ensure that it was okay for her to be on the floors was to either hire a professional carpet cleaning company or we could buy new carpeting for the entire house. The move was already expensive enough for us, so we opted for the professional carpet cleaners. It did not take me long to find the ones that we wanted to use, thanks to being able to research all of the local carpet cleaners online.

What I really liked about this company is that they did not take the attitude that one approach fits all customers. They customize the proper solutions to fit each customer’s needs, which meant that they knew before coming into our new house that we needed to make sure that there were no traces of dog dander or hair left behind. They used a custom made solution and professional equipment, and they made the entire house look and smell so much better. Our daughter has not had any symptoms since we moved in, and that’s saying a lot!

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