I Needed to Do Something About My Tense Muscles

Having a family member who was a masseuse when I was very young spoiled me. She worked out of her home, and when I’d come home from school she would let me hop up on the massage table at times for a massage. You would not think that a young person would have tight, tense muscles, but I truly did. She also had something called the Magic Wand that was great for backs, too. She even had a Magic Wand attachment that would get deep down into your muscles where the deep tissues were knotted up.

As I grew older and moved to another state, I found myself missing my family, having a tough time keeping up at work and dealing with daily stress. My muscles ached often. I ended up finding a local masseuse after asking all my coworkers if they knew of anyone they could refer me to. I immediately made an appointment for the very next day. She does a good job, but the issue is that it is not inexpensive. I found that I could only afford to make an appointment with her once per month, and that was pushing it. I figured that I would need to figure out a way to solve the problem myself in some way.

At some point, I finally remembered the massage tool that my relative used on my shoulders and back at times. I wondered if they still made the same unit or if I would need to try to find something comparable. I was stunned to see that the same company is still in business decades later, and you can get their products for very affordable prices. I quickly ordered one that same night that I found it online. When it arrived, I ripped open the shipping box and plugged it in. It works just as wonderfully on your shoulders like I remembered it doing so long ago.

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