I Just Started My New Job

I have been staying up at my uncle’s place on the lake for the summer. Of course he wants me to look after the place, even though he suspects my friends and I are going to drink beer and have parties on the weekend. There is a little town about five miles or so away from his place and I went up there looking for a job. I ended up catching on working the counter at a place that rents movies and video games. They have a back room where they sell sex toys and porno movies, but I am not working in that part of the place. Of course I am not quite old enough for that and I will not be 21 for more than two years. So I suppose I am not even supposed to be allowed in that part of the place. It is not that big of a loss to me, obviously if I wanted any of that sort of stuff I could find it on the web. The job is mostly easy. People ask me questions about the games and the movies as if I know all of that stuff. Obviously I know some of it and a lot of it I have not seen or played. I do not even have the latest game consoles, so if a game is not on the Xbox 360 than I have not played it. I get a discount on game and movie rentals, but that does me no good. I do not want to rent movies, my uncle has a satellite dish and it has plenty of stuff to watch on it. I did not bring my xbox with me and so being able to rent cheap games is not a big deal to me right now.

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