I Found a Very Nice Room to Let in Edinburgh

Higher education comes with costs. I have childhood friend whose parents are quite affluent. He is working on his postgraduate degree while staying at a flat that has ample room. His parents are leasing the space for him. My parents are of the working class, and I do not burden their budget with my expenses for an education. However, I do insist on having a comfortable space to live in while at school. I am very happy to have found a room to let in Edinburgh from a landlord that provides very nice university flats. The space is affordable, clean and comfortable.

My childhood friend has enough room in his flat to host another family if he wanted to. I’m not complaining. I insisted on a private bath for the room to let in Edinburgh that I found. I could have saved even more money by sharing a water closet and shower with another tenant. My time in America kind of changed a bit of my European thinking on student flats. Well, over there they are called apartments. I spent the summer in America completing a studies program when earning my Bachelor of Science degree. I rented a flat that had two rooms, a small kitchen and a private bathroom. I was spoiled against dormitory living or sharing spaces when I got back home.

I had to look a long time to find a room to let in Edinburgh that was both affordable and nice. Some landlords are not too picky about tenants or the condition of their flats. I found a family-owned business that caters to students looking for a place to live. Their flats were all clean and very well maintained. They had rooms to let that had private as well as shared bathroom spaces. I chose to spend a bit more for the private space.

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