Data Plans with Unlimited Data

It is really annoying to not have an unlimited plan for data, because I keep running out of data, and then I have to turn my mobile data off, in order to avoid using more, because with my current plan, if I go over the amount of data that I have for the month, then I get charged an arm and a leg for any amount exceeding that pre-set amount. So I am checking info on unlimited data SIMs online to see what info I can find about plans that have unlimited data, and how much they tend to cost from different providers.

I know that even if a plan is from a provider that is charging less than all of the other providers, that if they do not have a very good network, then it kind of defeats the purpose of having unlimited data. Obviously, it does not make a lot of sense to consider your data plan to be unlimited, if it is so spotty that you can’t actually use it in a lot of places. I have tried such a provider before, because they did not cost nearly as much as some of my other options.

It was a bad mistake, that I still regret, even though I have not used that providers for years now. But anyway, these days, I try to research providers and their networks before I make any decision on whether or not to go with a new plan. It has worked pretty well in terms of making sure that I have a plan that has pretty good coverage. But of course, it does not make sure that I get a good plan from other perspectives. So this time I want to get a good plan that has unlimited data and a strong network.

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