Composite Decking by Timbertech Company

My deck that is around my pool is currently rotting, and it looks really bad, on top of the fact that it is rotting in places. So I think I am going to tear it all down. I thought about just rebuilding it like it was, but that seems a bit silly, considering how poorly this deck has faired in the elements. That is why I have been reading some information about Timbertech Decking Company and the products that they sell. They have a line of composite decking, and I am reading about it right now.

I had not thought about composite decking until just recently, but it seems to be a very viable alternative to rebuilding my current deck with more wood. Unlike the wood decking, the composite material is not going to rott when it is exposed to the elements. It is not going to warp, or any of the other things that often affect wood that is subjected to wear and tear, plus the abuse that it receives from the elements. I know that just the cycle of hot and cold, that accompanies the changing of the seasons every year, can take its toll on the wood.

Of course, there might be some factors in the environment that cause the composite decking to degrade as well. I would think, if that were the case, that UV radiation would be the most likely culprit. I am sure though that if this company has been making the composite material for decking for years, then they have probably developed a way to make sure that it holds up to the elements very well. Either way, I think it is seems like a far superior choice than wood for a decking material. I know it is more expensive, but you have to think about the cost of paint and stains for wood decks.

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