Hannah Wants to Open a Shop

I have to figure out the math on this, but it seems like a good idea in theory. Hannah has found this little spot in a trendy part of town. The building looks a bit of a mess now, but that is a good thing for us. We just have to figure out what is involved in making it ready for business. Her plan is to open up a boutique which sells the sort of things that she likes. She is a bit of a naughty girl and is talking about selling vintage lingerie and similarly adult themed products. Of course that is all in fun, but she was teasing me and talking about hiring some young college girls to model lingerie. I was not sure if she was serious, because she was talking about it as though she were some rather slick and cynical marketing wiz. Obviously you do something a bit on the shocking side and you hope for press coverage, or better yet you get one of those moralistic groups to picket you. If it makes the news you are golden.

In fact she was talking about inventing her own nemesis, a goody two shoes who would send letters to the editor at the local paper complaining about whatever sort of moral decay this store was causing in the neighborhood. I could not really tell if she was serious or not. Of course the fact is that you have to be looking to promote and if you could get some press from that sort of stunt, that would be well worth it. I am not sure it would be legal for you to fabricate it though. It is hard to see what is illegal about it, but it would likely win you no friends in the press if you were caught.

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When There is Just Too Much Garbage

When my grandmother died in her home in Bristol, many of us were surprised to learn that the woman had been a hoarder in life. As most of us had not actually been to her home in years, she was an active woman who always came for visits during holiday, we found ourselves suddenly understanding exactly why it was that she hadn't really ever encouraged any of us to come visit HER at her home! So it was that we were forced to look up a skip company in Bristol so we could begin the odious task of clearing out everything that she had been hoarding over the years.

Honestly, despite the amount of garbage we had been forced to throw away, I found myself shocked that she was an actual hoarder. I could hardly believe that someone with this problem existed in our family. On the outside you would have never expected her to be like that! I would have never thought that she was someone who could live in such a state! She kept her home at least mostly clean but the reality of it was that there is simply no way she was able to get around all the stacks of paper and cardboard she had collected.

I can only imagine what it must have been like for her to live like this. There's absolutely no way that it could have been considered pleasant. I wish she would have let us know that she was living like this - we could have done something for her. There's no doubt that living like this contributed to her becoming sick - we found all sorts of mold and such growing in some of the stacks near the bottom which could have only made things a lot worse for her in the end.

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