Are Tips Superior over Wages

As an American vacationing in Europe, there are going to be some obvious differences that will stand out to you in a very real way. Every place that we ate at, and even when we used the Bristol taxi service, I found that they would not accept my tips! It was a strange experience to have money turned down because they're not legally allowed to take it. I find this to be one of the stranger customs that they have because for me, someone who has made a good deal of money from tips on top of wages, I would never want to work in a service industry if I were unable to actively make tips. And yet, here in the United States they have been considering changing the system as it is to something that reflects our European brethren. I don't know if this would actually go over well because of how much money people can make with their tips.

I'm curious to see where this will actually go. There's a great deal of material out there that shows people earn more if they bring the wage that is paid to service industry workers (like servers) to something along the lines of 10/hr. I'm not sure if that is accurate due to the fact that in many high class restaurants and bars you're going to find bartenders, service and others who are going to be making much more than 10/hr. Personally, I was making closer to 25/hr from tips alone. Why would I ever want to switch over to a pay system that is far less superior? I would be righteously angry if I were still working in the service industry but thankfully I have a job that is more salary based. Sure, tips can be uncertain at times, but if you know how to do your job well you're going to make money.

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